Overcome habits, phobias and fears, stress and anxiety and increase self confidence
Jill firmly believes in a holistic approach, using a combination of treatments to help you achieve positive change in your life
Consultations are personal and confidential, with the client always in total control

Jill Schmitt is a qualifed therapist using a number of pioneering techniques including Thought Field Therapy, Neuro Linguisitic Programming and Reiki.   She deals with her clients in a simple and effective way - without the need for the client to talk endlessly about their problems.  She asks her clients to think about their fear/anxiety and explain what emotion they are feeling at that moment.  She then eliminates those emotions one by one.

Sometimes old emotions accumulate and become a like a dripping tap - something traumatic happening today can unconsciously bring a flashback of a similar past experience, along with that emotion. Jill turns off the dripping tap and pulls out the plug.

Clients often describe the cure of their problem as an "Impossible Dream", watch a short video clip where Jill shows how this can become your reality!

Stress and anxiety can be controlled, phobias and fears and the gloom and despondency of past traumas can be overcome. Public speaking can turn into a bright light in our lives - we see the audience as glowing, eager to listen, and no longer antagonistic and ready to criticise.

Jill helps people in Surrey and across the UK to achieve positive changes in their lives. Consultations are personal and confidential, and are conducted face to face in Oxshott, Surrey or over the telephone. Consultations can also be held at the client’s premises, if necessary. Initial consultations will be for 2 hours. Many people will require only one or two sessions.

Achieve positive change in your life

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