Fear of dogs

A dog phobia is considered a very common phobia which usually initiates at a tender age. Like all fears and phobias, a dog phobia is created by the unconscious mind as a protective mechanism. At some point in the past, there may have been an event linking dogs, canines, or rabies and emotional trauma. Whilst the original catalyst may have been a real-life scare of some kind, the condition can also be triggered by events like movies, TV, or perhaps seeing someone else experience trauma. The fear may have also been unwittingly passed on by an overprotective parent. The child hears the parent telling them to stay away from large or aggressive dogs and the child’s fear reaches abnormal heights and they are unable to differentiate between fearsome dogs and gentle, friendly dogs. Every dog is terrifying.

Children's phobias have immediate consequences. Every time they merely hear the barking of a dog, an insufferable fear will grip their mind. Some children with a dog phobia can't even walk to school for fear of encountering a canine along the way - even seeing one in the distance, no matter how small it is or whether it's barking or silent, can make children scream, shake and run away.

They can miss out on social occasions like trips to the park, visiting friends’ homes, camping and overnight sleepovers. Holidays have to be carefully selected to ensure they are dog free zones.

Adults with a dog phobia suffer no less than children. Careers can be ruined if the job entails travelling around and visiting homes – nurses, social workers etc. And what should be a pleasurable event, like visiting family, can become a total nightmare if the other family have a dog.

We have also just got back from the lake district visiting Cameron's grandparents who have TWO DOGS HE USED TO BE TERRIFIED of. Cameron now absolutely loves the dogs, one of which he had never seen, because he was too scared. The guy who owned the caravan park had a sheepdog who had 6 puppies. Cameron was in his garden playing with the mum and all of the puppies. We had to video it to show it to people who wouldn't believe it otherwise. We came so close to bringing one home. Thank you so much.

How will Jill help me?

Jill firmly believes in a holistic approach, and will discuss client needs on an individual basis to decide upon the most appropriate treatment to pursue. Sometimes a combination of approaches is the most effective - Thought Field Therapy overcomes fears, NLP creates excellence, and Reiki promotes a sense of peace and well-being.


Consultations are personal and confidential, and are conducted face to face in Oxshott, Surrey or over the telephone. Consultants can also be held at the client’s premises, if necessary.

Initial consultations will be for 2 hours. Many people will require only one or two sessions.

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