Fear of heights

A fear of heights is basically a defence mechanism which makes everyone take care when in a potentially dangerous situation, but when this fear becomes overwhelming it can be both debilitating and limiting.

When at a height sometimes a person feels as if they are going to be pushed over the edge, or feel drawn to the edge as if something is actually pulling them towards it and over it. They fight hard to resist this pull and feel as though they are already on the edge, ready to fall, even when they are many metres away from it.

They can experience this intense fear whilst inside a perfectly safe environment such as a tall building and even standing on a footstool.

Receiving TFT from Jill has changed my life. Not only has it banished my FEAR OF HEIGHTS AND FLYING , it has given me more CONFIDENCE IN GENERAL. My husband and I are now looking forward to a holiday in the Far East to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary.

How will Jill help me?

Jill firmly believes in a holistic approach, and will discuss client needs on an individual basis to decide upon the most appropriate treatment to pursue. Sometimes a combination of approaches is the most effective - Thought Field Therapy overcomes fears, NLP creates excellence, and Reiki promotes a sense of peace and well-being.


Consultations are personal and confidential, and are conducted face to face in Oxshott, Surrey or over the telephone. Consultants can also be held at the client’s premises, if necessary.

Initial consultations will be for 2 hours. Many people will require only one or two sessions.

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