Fear of social situations

Although many people fear being embarrassed in certain social situations, some people find it incredibly difficult to cope with this embarrassment. A person with a social phobia is usually overrating the danger of embarrassment while underrating his or her ability to get through the situation. In places, such as work, or shopping, people with social anxiety feel that everyone is watching, staring, and judging them. The socially anxious person can't relax and enjoy themselves in public.

A man with social anxiety has to go for a job interview but it is pure torture: he knows his excessive anxiety will give him away. He'll look funny, be hesitant, maybe even blush, and won't be able to find the right words to answer the questions coherently. It is especially frustrating because he knows he could do the job perfectly well, if he could just get past this terrifying and intimidating interview. After the interview is finished he can, as clear as crystal, think of all the answers he should have given.

A young man wants to go to parties and pubs, but he never goes anywhere because he's very nervous about walking into a room. Everyone will turn around to stare at him, and this fills him with dread. They'll all appear more confident, more attractive, more intelligent, and they'll make him feel even more insignificant.

A student won't attend her university classes on the first day because she knows that in some classes the professor will instruct them to go around the room and introduce themselves. Just thinking about sitting there, waiting to introduce herself to a roomful of strangers, who will be staring at her, makes her feel nauseous.

Another person sits in front of the telephone and agonizes because she's afraid to pick up the receiver and make a call. She's even afraid to call an unknown person in a business office about a mundane bill because she's afraid she'll be "putting someone out" and they will be upset with her. It's very hard for her to take rejection, even over the phone, even from someone she doesn't know.

A man finds it difficult to walk down the street because he's self-conscious and feels that people are watching him from their windows. Worse, he may run into a person on the sidewalk and be forced to say hello to them.

A woman hates queueing in a shop because she's afraid that everyone is watching her. She knows that it's not really true, but she can't shake the feeling.

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