Self confidence

Many people suffer with a lack of self confidence, lack of self esteem, feelings of negativity, fear of failure, lack of motivation, fear of rejection and can be easily intimidated or embarrassed.

Often these are caused by events from the past which trigger emotional memories. The emotional memories could be of parents telling them they are not as good as their siblings, teachers telling them they will amount to nothing, fellow pupils laughing at them when they read out in class and bosses talking down to them.

Jill removes old traumas and negative thoughts and dramatically increases the sense of well being and enables clients to regain control of their lives and build self confidence.

Taking examinations can also be a probem if there is a lack of confidence - not because the subject isn't properly revised, but because exam nerves take over. Retaking exams is wearing on the nerves, costly on the pocket and very time consuming and sometimes exams are not taken at all or are not repeated because of the terror and the prospect of failure. This can drastically change life's course.

How will Jill help me?

Jill firmly believes in a holistic approach, and will discuss client needs on an individual basis to decide upon the most appropriate treatment to pursue. Sometimes a combination of approaches is the most effective - Thought Field Therapy overcomes fears, NLP creates excellence, and Reiki promotes a sense of peace and well-being.


Consultations are personal and confidential, and are conducted face to face in Oxshott, Surrey or over the telephone. Consultants can also be held at the client’s premises, if necessary.

Initial consultations will be for 2 hours. Many people will require only one or two sessions.

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